Thursday, February 7, 2013

SWA Ultimate Review

SWA Ultimate Review?

Hey guys, this thread is specifically for Filipinos both sa pinas and overseas. Andito ako guys para ishare sa inyo all there is to it sa Supreme Wealth Alliance and it sub-organization the SWA Ultimate which caters sa pinoy members. Obviously there is a lot to go around about this SWA Ultimate Review.
So is SWA Ultimate really legit? Well guys I believe that only one picture will answer all misconceptions, false accusations, and bashing ng mga tao lalo na mga ignoranteng pinoy

Ayan guys, sa pinas pa yan ang pinakaimportante para sa isang business don't you agree? Although oo nga member na ako ng SWA Philippines and honestly making real money sa business program na to. Minsan ang iba gusto talaga hard evidence eh.
Well one man helped it easier for non-members to realize the legality and opportunity na bigay ng SWA and it is all thanks to Franco Renato Chavez. A great businessman and network marketer na tumulong para mapush to dito sa pinas

SWA Ultimate Review - The Marketing Arm

Sino ba talaga ang marketing arm at ano ang mga products. Of course our mindset is to become enterpreneurs but not to sell but to engage people in an opportunity to make boat loads of money. Kaso ano ang catch?
NO catch! Obviously like any business talagang mahirap sa simula, Minsan dito pa lang quit na ang tao kasi feel nila walang napapala. Most people kasi ngayon want that overnight success that in reality IT DOES NOT HAPPEN. Maraming nagagalit sa Get Rich Quick Scams pero maintroduce lang parang nagpipilahang mga unggoy, seryoso. No offense.
So ano ginagawa dito? Obviously it's a $55 (P2,500) buy in "one time". Pasok ka na sa as affiliate to start earning and kung ayaw mo yan, it's either pumasok ka dahil sa sobrang daming ebooks na bigay ng SWA sa dashboard nila. In fact its about 2100 articles. WOAH! Also sobrang ganda ng compensation plan to backup the efforts of each individual building their own business.

SWA Ultimate Review - The Compensation Plan

So pano ba talaga kumita dito sa SWA. Sa totoo lang ang kagandahan dito alam niyo kung ano? Kasi sa pagiging network marketing nya. Tama kayo jan? Kasi once you have built your team, at totoo po ang sabi2. you can rest almost the rest of your life.

Para sa madetalyeng presentation, bumisita dito LINK 

What's In It For You?

Guys what I'm showing is a great opportunity, but like any other opportunity it is for you to decide whether to seize the moment or not. Gusto ko lang sabihin kahit you want to opt-in and start making big money on SWA Ultimate or hindi, please evaluate yourselves. Act now and please DON'T BE WUSSIES. Make 2013 your year. Can you feel it? If you're wondering bakit andito ang post na ito. I have other online business na mas lucrative. I'm not saying this is not. With hard work and dedication kayang kaya yumaman dito, in fact marami na have succeeded with the help of SWA.
For the importance of this blog post on SWA Ultimate Review, not everybody can afford huge buy-ins. Para sa pinoy this would satisfy the lucrative and affordable side na gusto ng most pinoys to start on diba? Contact me sa mobile ko. Get in, realize your goals, and let me help you on your way to Financial Freedom 
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SWA Ultimate Review